The perfect accessory to assume who you are wherever you are with your dog! Created with my followers on instagram live, this model is called Born This Way in tribute to Lady Gaga my idol. It is also one of my tattoos, on the back to signify to people that "I was born as I am, I am proud of it and I fuck those who do not like it" yes yes just that ^^ Thanks to my client who had the idea of this name which was obvious. - Tiphaine - Biothane® is a high quality synthetic material. More resistant than leather, easy to maintain and waterproof. The handle is sold composed as follows: Beta Biothane® 25mm wide 37cm long Solid brass hardware (anti-rust) 1 design in: Rhinestone ribbon Pyramid rivets Biothane® colors: The colors displayed on the sample photo are the colors potentially available from our suppliers. The colors in the choice tab are the permanent colors available at ReahlyDog. For all other colors do not hesitate to contact us via the chat at the bottom right of the site. Non-contractual photos: This model is handmade, in a traditional way, in my workshop near Nancy in the east of France. Each model is unique and its irregularities give it its authentic and precious appearance.Due to differences in the calibration of computer and phone screens colors may vary. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts.

Born This Way Short Handle / Leash

Biothane color
Rhinestone color
Rhinestone color 2
Pyramid rivets
size leash short
  • Hand wash with soap and water if needed.
    Dry your necklace with a towel, do not let it air dry.
    No machine wash.
    No creation is indestructible, remember to regularly check the condition of the necklace.