On this medal you can choose up to 2 colors of rhinestones, for example with the color that corresponds to your birth month or that of your dog or simply your favorite color. Chic and sophisticated this rhinestone medal is the perfect option for city trips and shining brightly in society, a must-have to become a ReahlyDog Legend

- Harley the director -

The medal is sold composed as follows:

  • a solid raw brass medal 25mm or 30 me engraved by hand
  • a pompom of your choice
  • an attachment ring
  • a size carabiner of your choice

The carabiner in the photo is a size M recommended from a minimum of 10kg.

Carabiner size:

  • Carabiner size XS special mini
  • Carabiner size S
  • Carabiner size M

This medal is a jewel, please take care of it. None of our creations are indestructible, it is your responsibility to regularly check the condition of the latter. Non-contractual photo.

Rhinestone medal

Rhinestone medal 1
Rhinestone medal 2