A Rock'n Roll creation for dogs that do not miss the pep!


Biothane is a high quality synthetic material.

More resistant than leather, easy to clean and waterproof.


The Dynasty necklace is sold as follows:

  • Beta Biothane 25mm wide
  • Solid brass buckle (load breaking 180kg)
  • Golden pyramid rivets 10 and 7mm
  • Small gold medal with brand logo


The model shown in the photo is 25mm biothane, pyramid rivets 7 and 10mm.


You can customize your necklace.

The pattern will be like that of the photo produced, however it can not be 100% identical knowing that each necklace is handcrafted in our workshop. Finally depending on the calibration of each computer screen or phone colors may vary. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt.


Necklace size :

Measure the neck of your dog with a tape measure.

We can not be held responsible for measurement errors.


Non-contractual photo.

25mm Dynasty Necklace

Biothane color
Pyramid rivets
Necklace size
  • Hand wash under water and soap if needed.
    Dry your necklace with a towel, do not let it air dry.
    No machine wash.
    No creation is indestructible, think to regularly check the condition of the necklace.