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fashions-addict on legs ⚜️

I am Tiphaine, your personal designer of luxury accessories for dogs, cats and horses.

Here you will find artisanal collections of absolutely unique necklaces, leashes and medals to expand your companion's wardrobe.

My customizable creations are in Biothane®, a high-end material comparable to leather, but much easier to maintain and especially Vegan.

Reahly's Ultra-Chic & Divinely-Rock universe draws its inspiration from Haute Couture.

Luxury packaging


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French know-how


Because our animals are also part of the family.

The history of the brand

Reahly, that's the anagram of my little Staffy's name, Harley.


The first time I saw her at the breeder, I immediately understood that it was her.


She looked at me with so much tenderness, so much intensity… The funniest part?

She moved like a crab every time I moved to stay in my line of sight! I'm sure Harley chose me and today we're both in a super close relationship.


Addict to fashion and big luxury houses, I dreamed of revamping my Staffy in my image: eccentric and refined. But impossible to find a necklace worthy of his strong character.


So, one day, I imagined a unique model, inspired by the frontal jewels of my old pony, Ubu ...


And the Reahly brand was born.

Sustainable creations in Biothane®

Wear tested, quality controlled

Reahly customers love Biothane® for its incredible strength and durability
superior to leather over time while being Vegan.

Its strong strap can withstand up to 500 kg of traction per centimeter.

Biothane® is a very high quality waterproof material that is flexible and does not irritate the skin.
skin. It is very easy to clean with soap and water.

Born from the inspiration of Harley, my little Staffy with a strong character and the desire to stand out; ReahlyDog is a top-of-the-range brand combining elegance and a touch of eccentricity for Dogs who are not lacking in Style. 

But that's not all, ReahlyDog is also a play on the word Really... And really well because ...Really Dog ... Be Really Dog !

I assemble my exceptional creations in my workshop in France, near Nancy

(Grand-Est region).

The accessories are delivered in a beautiful protective velvet pouch, stamped
of the Reahly logo. Little surprises always accompany my packages.

Luxury packaging

Chic and always with a little special attention.

Restoration clinic

Is your accessory the victim of an accident, intensive wear or poor maintenance?
I can refurbish it thanks to my small catering clinic (paid service).

High-end customization

Tailor-made appointments & Unique Know-How

Do you want to invest in the design of a luxury custom harness for your dog? Of a
necklace or any other 100% personalized accessory?

At Reahly, your dreams come true!

This service starts with a first 40min appointment. You share your project with me and I listen
my instinct to help you choose from an endless selection.

When the turn of your order comes, I make sure to validate each new step with you in order to meet your desires as closely as possible.

Your appointed online Personal Shopper

Are you still hesitating between several models, colors or ornaments?
Book a free 10-minute call to receive my stylist advice.

The incredible surprise necklace

Are you not afraid of anything and you love to be surprised? What if you gave me carte blanche on the
making a super original necklace at a reduced price?

The Incredible Surprise Necklace is a handmade creation on demand and adapted to your budget.
You simply choose ...

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

⚜️ Your favorite color
⚜️ The size, adjusted to the neck size of your animal
A necklace with or without peak

… And I release my designer spark to fill you up!

You then receive a piece with a unique design, or from an old collection that it is impossible to have again except through this service. The accessory will be of a greater value than the cost of the service.

Stocks are limited: contact me quickly.

A bit of patience...

I have suffered from a crippling genetic pathology since childhood (a SED). Plasters, operations,
physiotherapy sessions galore… This orphan disease affects the whole body and makes me experience a
hell 24 hours a day.

But since I embarked on the Reahly adventure and do what fascinates me,
my seizures have subsided. I also owe this miracle to the benevolence of my wonderful
community. ❤️

My deadlines are not always guaranteed, because I often have to ease off on orders to
keep my health, but know I'm doing my best, I promise. ❤️

The Exceptional Staff behind Reahly Dog

Rayleigh silver

Director and Egeria of the brand.
Attention she is intractable ^^


Director and Egeria of the brand.
Attention she is intractable ^^


Quality checker.
It mainly controls the treats that will be in the packages to validate them.